Skype Sessions
Skype is a fantastic way to connect and communicate with people all around the world and can be used to great effect when performing readings, discussing past readings, gaining clarification or simply wanting to work through an issue with some Angelic assistance.
Skype sessions are now available for a more involved and interactive Aravelle Angel Oracle Card Reading experience.  At the present time the Internal Compass, Dream Duo, Falling Feather and Heart Spans are only available to be performed during Skype calls or messaging sessions (of sufficient length) due to the time needed to perform the larger spans accurately.
The Skype sessions can be used for anything that you feel would benefit you and can be scheduled to a time and date to suit you.  However, please note that Helen is based in England and therefore some flexibility may be required when scheduling sessions with overseas clients.

Skype Session Options/ Prices

Skype Instant Message Sessions are available in durations of 15-60 minutes inclusive.


Skype Phone Call Sessions are available in durations of 30-90 minutes inclusive.

Readings Performed During Skype Sessions

Readings can be performed during your Skype session.  If this is something that you would like to include in your session please inform Helen before the session of your choice of span and the deck that you wish to use for this reading.  Please also note the following:


  • During Skype Instant Message Sessions of 15-30 minutes the Internal Compass & Dream Duo Spans are only available.

  • The Falling Feather and Heart Span would only be eligable for Skype Calls of 60-90 minutes in duration.

"The Skype Session was wonderful. I was re-reading

my notes last night and I feel like that day I made a lot of

progress in what I wanted to do and things felt so much

clearer. I hope you do more Skype sessions with others."

- Irina, Washington, USA