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Weekly Reading 11th - 17th August 2014

The first thing that the angels are showing me is that this week is all about believing in yourself, your talents, abilities and skills because it may feel like no one else is seeing them or appreciating them. This is an outward manifestation of the things that you have been saying to yourself over and over inside your head for sometime and it is time to change this. It is important to remember that you have achieved so much and continue to demonstrate how capable and able you are every single day as you move forward. Only you can change the way that the energy flows to you and the things that you see as a result of the work that you have done. You are being asked to appreciate your own talents and skills, to see the ways in which you have dealt with problems and overcome issues in the past. You have the ability to make a huge success of anything that you put your mind to and to really make something out of nothing. This is a good time to really sink your teeth into a new project, to start something that you have been putting off and procrastinating about. It is a good time to look into starting that business that you have often thought about but decided that you needed more information, the truth is that you only need the backing of your own belief in yourself to make a big success of whatever you decide to start this week. It is by putting yourself out there, by starting these things and by getting the ball rolling that you will begin to see more and more magical opportunities coming your way. It is only then that you will start to see the true potential that you have and that the angels have been wanting you to tap into for some time. This is the beginning of an exciting time for you, but only you can choose to jump in and start this know being your own biggest cheerleader and your own biggest fan. You have all the skills to be a huge success, now let yourself be.

Change is coming through very strongly in these messages of the last few weeks and it is not done yet. Now the angels show me that there is a big push happening for a lot of us and this means that we might find ourselves in uncomfortable situations that call for a lot of soul searching and really having to stay strong and motivated. Now is not the time for falling back into old habits, doing thinge the way that you have always done them or trying to keep things as they are. Change has to happen and this has to be done in different ways than you have tried before. This is a real push outside of the comfort zone and no matter how much you might feel like you want to get back in there the message of the angels is to stay out of it as long and as much as possible because this is when real change is going to happen. This is a good time for looking into new options, for trying out new plans and schemes and for looking away from the old way that you used to do things. Not everything that you try will be a perfect fit first time but it will change a lot of the energy around things that you consider stuck and not changing. It will force evolution in the areas of your life that you feel will never change and will always be the same and it will be you making it happen. It's time to break free from the old and safe and really start living. It's time to move past that which you have been before to become that which you always knew deep down you really were.

You might not be able to always see when the angels are helping you and what they are doing because so much of what they do happens on a different level to that which we are open to and allowing of. This can be seen as things happening behind the scenes and the angels want to remind you that just because you might not yet have seen things moving in the direction that you want them to go does not mean that it is not happening beneath the surface. You are being helped at all times and it is at the times where you cannot necessarily see it and touch it that you need to believe the most. It is all happening for you in the most perfect way possible and this is only ever a good thing for you. Do not give up or give in now before the miracle occurs and before you start seeing the rewards that you want and that you deserve. Just because you can't see it happening doesn't mean it's not happening at all!

Love and Light

Helen xxx

This weeks guidance was taken from the Blue Deck

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