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Weekly Reading 4th - 10th August 2014


This week is all about new ideas, inspiration and situations. You may find yourself literally bursting with new ideas, motivation and inspiration and this is a good week to start those things that you have been putting off an ignoring or have been procrastinating over. It's a good time to revisit old projects that you lost steam on and that you pushed aside because then was not the right time. It is also a good time to start creative projects and to take better care of yourself both physically and mentally. A good time to form new positive and healthy habits. However, although you may feel like you can take on the world and do anything the angels recommend not trying to push yourself too far too fast and suggest that you start small on the road to these new habits. Trying to push yourself too far at this time is a waste of this creative and inspired energy and the angels say that this should be a relaxed and flowing time for you. Even though you might feel like it is time to get started on those big ideas, the angels suggest keeping a note of these for a time where the angels give you the start for these with you simply needing to build on the momentum that they have put in place for you. Let the ideas flow but be selective about which ones you decide to give your energy to this week, allow your inspiration to flow. The angels highlight that now is a good time for that change of eating habits, that intention to exercise more (by simply going for a walk before dinner for example), to start that creative project and to generally start things that boost your wellbeing.

This week is a good week for gut instincts and listening to that inner voice. There is a lot of energy being directed towards people becoming more aware and aligned this week and the first step towards achieveing this is to understand that your inner guidance does not need to be proven, it does not need to make sense and that you can listen to it. This inner knowing is something that most of us have already dealt with before because we often wish we would have listened to that knowing that told us how that situation was going to work out for us and the angels want you to understand and be comfortable with knowing that this inner guidance is for you and you alone from your higher self. Listen to this voice that tells you what is right for you and what is not, it doesn't matter if other people understand this or agree with you because their inner guidance is for them and them alone. During this week you may notice that you feel more in alignment with what is going on around you and that you actually feel like you know what is going to happen. This is a glimpse of what is possible when you are truly in alignment with your true self and the angels are giving us all a taste of what is possible to encourage us to work on this alignment and work towards it.

The final message that the angels have for us this week is that just because what you want has not happened yet does not mean that it is not going to happen. We all impose time limits and timescales on the things that we want, and the angels never work to these. Time is something that was created by man and when we start to see that things are not coming together in the timeframe that we decided was appropriate we begin to become dispondent and become disappointed and even give up. The angels work on vibration and alignment and when we feel good we bring to us the things that we want, when we are saying it should have happened by now we are noticing the lack of it and pushing further away. The angels want us all to practice patience this week because I am shown that we are all close to achieving the things that we want but that this is needing us to follow the other guidance of this reading to be able to see it in our lives. Patience doesn't mean being ok without the things that we want, it means being excited that what we want is on it's way. To not doubt the process and to continue to feel good about it. Soon enough you will be called into action to react to and welcome the things that you want and that you deserve. Enjoy this time to relax, be yourself and gain greater alignment with who you truly are. Great things are coming.

Love and Light

Helen xxx

This week's guidance was taken from the Green Deck

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