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Weekly Reading 28th July - 3rd August 2014


The angels are showing me that there is a lot of codependency this week, a lot of looking to other people and their issues and problems and trying to resolve these; to move people further forward feeling that this has some bearing on our own happiness. The angels see codependency as focusing all our energy on the issues and problems of others and turning a blind eye to our own. This is not productive at all and a lot of people use this as a way to make other people the issue instead of themselves as the solution. It is time to take an honest view of what is not working for you and understand that no other person is the issue. It is also a good time to see how much attention, energy and focus you are giving to someone in your life who is giving little to nothing back to you in return. It is time to stop fuelling this person in this way and although that might be uncomfortable things cannot change into what you deserve and want them to be until you stop filling this void with your energy. Nature abhors a vacuum which means that when this energy you are pouring into this relationship is no longer there something must be produced by the universe to take its place. This is the work of the angels and is not something that you need to worry about or make happen. Your job for this week is to bring your focus back to you instead of gifting this energy to someone else through your worry about what they are thinking and doing, your fear that without you making an effort nothing will work out with this person or trying to solve their problems for them. It is time to depend on yourself and the angels and allow what will be to be. So many of us that try to assist others to the point of ignoring our own needs have problems with letting things flow, but the angels show me that this is what is needed going forward to improve things. Their message: "you can't make things better by fighting to make them so, step back let us handle this."

The angels show me that now is a good time to take a break either figuratively or phyiscally and to get away from the norm. Most of us find this much easier to do by physically going to a different place and changing our energy that way, but the angels guide me that this can be achieved also by changing our emotional setpoint and our energetic one also. This is something for you and your highest good and the angels are guiding me that this is the best time to do this. If you can get away somewhere this week (if only for a few days) enjoy every moment of this because it is going to really boost your mood, your energy and your vibration; changing a lot of the energy around the things that you are wanting most at this time. If you cannot get time away from home the angels encourage you to meditate, to take time out for yourself, take a long soak in a salt water bath and simply change your perspective on things by thinking about what is going well and right and enjoy those moments of simply being yourself. This break from the normal worrying, trying to do everything yourself and running yourself ragged is going to really have huge implications for your manifestations and the way in which you feel. Things are shifting in the energy of this planet and trying harder and harder is no longer going to work, this means that you need to take a step back, relax and look at things from a place of peace and you can do this with or without goign away for a break. Make this choice for yourself, decide that things can be better and that you want and deserve a change. It's all about changing that old pattern.

The person that is bothering you (and by that they mean being the main focus of your thought at this time) is a soul mate. People think that we have one soulmate our entire lives but this is simply not the case. It would be impossible with all the changes and evolution that we go through in this life to expect and assume that one other person will be at the same frequency at the exact same times forever, it is impossible. Therefore, at different points in our process different people will resonate with us on different levels and not all soul mates have romantic implications. This person is important and there is much that you can learn from your interaction with them. This is why you are feeling as strongly as you do about their behaviour and the ways in which they seem to be reacting to you. It is tough when we feel like this to think that instead of worrying about what they are doing we need to think about ourselves but this is what soulmates do, they highlight what needs to be addressed and given more energy in our own lives and this is what is happening for you now. What is bugging you? That is what you need to resolve within you. What do they do that makes you feel amazing? You need to do more of that for yourself... The angels hope you see the pattern. This person is in your life for the purpose of showing you the way to get more, to be more and to have more. Allow them to do this in the way they need to for your own best good and be grateful for them no matter what that way entails. It's all for your best and highest good in the long run even if it may not be perfect now, it will be if you let it.

Love and Light

Helen xxx

This weeks guidance was taken from the Golden Deck.

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