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Weekly Reading 21st - 27th July 2014

Love is the focus of this week, whether new or re-newed the light the angels are shining on the next few days is that of love and relationships. The angels are showing me that the key to this is compassion and not making assumptions. We are all guilty of assuming that we know what other people are thinking, what their behaviour means and what they are 'really' saying. The angels are very much pointing to the fact that this week it is all about hearing and seeing what is actually being shown and said and not jumping to conclusions. If you are unsure simply ask and ascertain the facts. Do not assume that someone is acting a certain way when they may not be. It is also a good time to look at and give your attention to yourself and what you need. When we are often looking at our relationships and seeing what they are lacking and what they are not providing for us, we are not seeing what we want and need from the other person, but from ourselves. Society tells us that relationships should be a certain way to work and that we should be given certain things as expected and just for being part of a couple and this is not only unreasonable but it is untrue. The things that you need to be happy have to come from you, to you. Not from you to the other person or the other way around. No one but you can make you happy and can make you feel loved, that is a feeling that comes from you. This week shows signs of progress in personal relationships, re-connections with people that you have missed and steps forwards towards commitment for others.

Although you may feel like throwing in the towel and giving in the angels are guiding me that now is not the time. Even though it might feel as though things are totally out of your control and that you are spiralling they urge you to stick with it because it is only through determination, courage and tenacity that things are truly going to change. I know that this can be tough to see and understand but the angels are very much promoting courage, sticking to your convictions and above all not quitting at this time. It is through these tough times that we learn what we are truly capable of and who we are. Be courageous and be brave because things will get better, and quitting now will only bring back a similar issue further down the line. It might not seem like it but these tough times are serving you, teaching you and helping you to grow and even though you might want to take some time off from learning and growing the angels ask that you keep moving forward, keep trying and do not surrender now. Things will improve much quicker if you don't give up now.

The final message that the angels have this week is that joy, ecstasy and happiness can come at any moment. They do not have to be when the work is done and the weekend has rolled around. It does not need a lottery win or for all the debts to be cleared it simply needs to be allowed to be and to have the room to be part of your experience and your life. The way that this can happen is to appreciate and revel in the small things that bring you joy and happiness and to be open to experiencing that happiness at any time. We all affix so many terms and conditions to our happiness, we all decide it has to come from a certain way or a particular person and the angels want to remind you that this is cutting off many avenues that can lead to that wonderful feeling. We often feel good but spend the time worrying that it won't last, that something terrible is going to happen to ruin this good place we are in and guess what happens...exactly what you thought would happen. The angels instead ask that you be open to the feeling of excitement, joy, happiness and ecstasy because it could find you at any moment when you are open to it.

Love and Light

Helen xxx

This weeks guidance is taken from the black deck.

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