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Weekly Reading 14th - 20th July 2014

The angels are showing that there is a lot of focus on career and work this week. A different perspective is needed now to really get the most from what you do and what you want at this time. So many of us go through the motions when it comes to work and career, keeping our heads down, giving 90% and trying to think of the money and the reasons that we have to take this job in the first place. The angels know that this is not the way to achieve a rewarding career or to increase the income flow of abundance to you and this is the focus of this week. I am guided that the energy around career and working life needs to shift over the next few days because the way things are going it is not going to bring any rewards and you may find yourself losing faith and enjoyment in the aspects of your working life that you used to love and appreciate and this is what the angels are guiding me to. This would also be a good time for anyone procrastinating or considering a change of career or business to look more into this because when the idea comes knocking that is time to see what the angels are trying to bring into your attention and that something much more aligned with who you are and what you want is on the horizon. At this time career and enjoyment of what you do is very important because if you do not love what you spend a lot of your time doing then you are going to struggle to find the energy to enjoy much else because of how draining it will be to drag yourself through a day at work. Find reasons to enjoy what you do no matter how small and if you are looking for a change of direction in your working life, now is the time.

Another set of guidance that is coming through very strongly is that it is time for people to tap into their creativity more than they have been doing. The angels know that this is something that makes some people feel uncomfortable because they feel that they cannot paint well enough for people to look at or write poetry that could be the next award winning sonnet but the angels show me that this is not about other people approving of or appreciating what you have created but for you to tap into that creative expression. Creativity is what makes the world go around. The angels are creative beings that use what they have before them to create what we want to see (what we give our energy and attention to most) in our lives. The angels urge you to find a creative outlet to tap into this energy that is very powerful. Perhaps draw your life the way you want it to be, write your life as a script as though all your dreams have already come true, make a pot to go in your new big house...Whatever it is that allows you to actively create something and get that creative energy moving. When you are more creative you understand that you can make something beautiful from something else that was less beautiful, you know that you can see the beauty in something that might not have been overly apparent and you can be open-minded. All great tools in creating your own life. Let the creative energy flow this week, you will see some exciting rewards the more you do this.

The final message that the angels have for you this week is the idea of building foundations. This means that they are showing me that even though you may not know how you want to achieve your biggest goals that you can start with something small that will open many doors of opportunity for you. If you want to be healthy and stronger they suggest that you undertake looking into some physical fitness information and building up your knowledge about how you can make this work for you. If you want to start our own business, look at what information you need to know. Gain some understanding of something that you can do to build a solid foundation for your manifestation to come to life.

Love and Light

Helen xxx

This weeks guidance was taken from the turquoise deck.

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