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Weekly Reading 7th - 13th July 2014

The first thing that I am being shown for us this week is that there is a lot happening and being presented to us, things that are literally being pushed right into our faces and that even though these might not be the things that we want to see or indeed have happening in our lives right now, is essential for our growth and progress. The angels are always on hand helping us to make progress on our path and a lot of the time we would notice this if we were paying attention and seeing things correctly. However, we find it easier to focus on how we want things to change and be different and not what is right in front of us at that time. We often turn our attention away from the things that are happening at the present time because they make us umcofortable, we do not know how to progress them or we simply want for something else. The angels understand this but they ask that we try to focus for some time on where we are in the moment because when we do this we can see that the angels are on hand helping us and that the things that seem so terrible, wrong or stressful are really just our reactions to something which could be a positive just as easily as it could be a negative. We are being asked to notice the signs and the ways in which the angels help us this week. Pay attention for feathers, for coins and other small signs that let you know that an angel is near helping you. Ask for a specific sign for example a butterfly and notice how many times you see it that day. The angels want you us to relax into the knowing that they are around us at all times and even the most trying of situations, when you allow the angels to assist you, can become more positive than you can imagine right now.

I am being shown that there is a lot of worry around financial security and success at the moment and a lot of people are starting to feel that following thier joy in terms of their career may not be the best way to achieve success. The angels want to clarify that there is a sense of confusing making money with being a success because the two things are not the same. In our society today they may seem to be the same thing because they are closely linked but you can be a success without making a huge amount of money and you can make a huge amount of money without being a success. The key at this time is to not get them caught up as having to have both and understanding what your actual understanding of being a success is. We often rate our own success based on what other people consider successful and that is never going to be satisfying or indeed useful. Instead what the angels are asking is that you focus on what you enjoy and love about your career and your work and put your attention and energy into this so that more of this comes to you, boosting your mood and your output and increasing your success and abundance at the same time. When you try to be a success you are not allowing yourself to be a success, you are standing in the flow of your abundance and it cannot get to where it needs to go. Instead of looking at your success in terms of what you have in the bank look at your success in terms of how good you feel when you do a good job, when you help someone and when you feel as though you truly accomplished something. Gaining those feelings will only bring more reasons and more ways (including money) for you to achieve more of this in your life.

New beginnings are also a big factor of this coming week so do not be surprised if something that you thought was done and gone seems to get a new lease of life. Perhaps someone that you have not spoken to for some time is going to get back in touch or an issue you have been avoiding is going to be put into prominence. Whatever it is that is going to happen, the angels want you to know that this is not the end of something old but the start of something new and this means that it is not the same as it was before, that there are new lessons for you to achieve and aspire to and that you are on a new part of your path. It's not time to look back and compare how things were before or what happened last time because that does not apply. It's time to forge into your future and to let go of what no longer serves you. It's time to move forward not stay where you are or move backwards. Time to take charge of what happens for you next.

Love and Light

Helen xxx

This weeks guidance was taken from the purple deck.

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