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Weekly Reading 30th June - 6th July 2014

The angels know that it is easy to look at something that is not going the way you wanted it to go or in some cases seems to be the exact opposite of what you wanted, and think that this is all that there is to it. That the things we want are never going to work out and that we might as well give up on them now. The angels ask that even though this might be something that you are feeling right now, that this is the last thing that you want to do because this is opening the door for them to find a different way for you to learn what lesson is being put right in front of you at this time. Sometimes you have to adapt and think about the old saying 'when life gives you lemons make lemonade'. This time is about seeing what good can come out of what may be unwanted, but more than that, to think about what positives you can create from the seemingly negative. Nothing is ever all bad or all good, there is always some of the other in what stands before you and this is when you are called upon to make this what you want it to be, to make it the best that it can be and to not give up or throw the towel in. This time is all about boosting that creative energy that is used to manifest your entire life and to use your inherent creativity to see things in another light. Don't think that just because something isn't looking the way that you wanted it to at this moment in time that you cannot make it into something better that brings in new energy, new focus and new possibilities for you going ahead. So many go us give up when if we took a different perspective we could find ourselves somewhere wonderful and full of new potential and this is coming through very strongly at this time. It's not time to simply think that the world is against you and that you are not going to get what you want and what you deserve, it just means that there is a different way to aspire and achieve this and that calls for you to be adaptable at this time. See the positives in these apparent negatives and unwanted and the world becomes a much different place indeed.

I am also being given that at this time a lot of us are looking for our big payout, our reward for all the things that we have done to get to where we are now, the reward for the growth and the learning and the angels are saying that we are blocking this from coming to us ourselves by having tunnel like vision that is only focused on that one big thing that we have been wanting for a long time. The angels give every single one of us gifts every single day. Small, sometimes seemingly insignificant gifts that if we were to stop and notice we would increase the flow of them. Sometimes we shrug these off and think 'that's nice but it is not what I want' and this is almost an air of being ungrateful when instead if we took a moment to truly appreciate this the more would come to us and the greater the momentum would be in these things. When we notice these smaller gifts and are truly grateful for them, smile and enjoy them the bigger and better the next one is, and the one after that and of that. Adopting an attitude of gratitude for even the most seemingly trivial little gift that the angels bestow is the only way to make movement towards that which you are looking for everyday and that you want most. The angels want to know that when the time is right for this to be your experience that you are going to notice it, be pleased with it and most of all appreciate it. If we are turning a blind eye to these smaller gifts we are not ready to accept the big reward that we are looking out for at all times. Look for these small gifts whether it be a message from a friend that makes you smile, your favourite song on the radio wherever you are, a feather in your path that shows an angel is near, whatever it is thank the angels and enjoy knowing that they are bringing you gifts and blessings all the time.

I am being shown that there is a great feeling of lack and fear at the moment because things seem to be taking so much time to achieve and to manifest and the angels show me that needing to become centred and grounded is very important at this time because when you become fearful and doubtful you disconnect yourself from the easy flow of energy that creates the things that you want. The greater desire you have for something that is lacking the more you repel it away from you. The more you doubt the possibility of something the more reasons you create to doubt and the greater the delay. The angels are showing me that meditation, grounding and becoming in charge of your energy is very important at this time to be able to quieten that little voice that seems to know all the reasons that something is not going to work out for you and why you don't deserve it. That voice needs to be quietened by going within and remembering that your true self knows your value and your worth and does not doubt, does not fear and allows. Get back into the flow of this creative energy by remembering that none of this fear is real, the lack does not mean that it is not coming and that you are powerful enough to get passed this hurdle and back on the road heading towards everything you have declared you want and the angels know you deserve. Mediate, ground and go within.

Love and Light

Helen xxx

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