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Weekly Reading 16th - 22nd June 2014

This a week of knowing that you are the key to making your dreams come true. Understanding that you have all the relevant skills, tools and abilities to make a success of anything you set your mind to and allow to come to you. So often we are all caught up with what skills we need to improve or what new skills we need to learn to achieve our desires and the angels want to say to you ‘stop, you already have all the skills that you need’. That is not to say that other skills and talents that we learn and have a passion for will not be of some great benefit to us as we progress, but that there is no need to wait until you learn these things to go after your dreams. You have all the abilities you will ever need to be a huge success, you just have to believe in them. Our images of ourselves is so caught up in what other people think of us, tell us about ourselves and what they believe we can do and none of this matters. When you trust in your own abilities and your own talents wonderful opportunities will present themselves to match what you believe about yourself. Unfortunately, when you don’t believe you can do something or it will work out for you that manifests too so surely it is better to focus on what you can do and what you desire. The angels are saying this week is a good week to start a new project, to doing something for yourself. Look into that business idea, start writing that book, speak to people about displaying your artwork etc… This is a good week to start putting the wheels in motion for your greatest desires.

Although it might not feel like it on the surface, this is a very magical time. There is a great deal of creative energy and this is meaning that a lot of us can feel unsettled and quite hectic. You may feel as though there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done, you may feel overwhelmed by all the things that seem to need your attention or you may simply not know where to start. This is all part of the creative process. When we are making progress change happens, change means that what was needs to evolve into what will be and those of us who are wanting big changes of circumstance in our lives have to understand that means that we have to let what we have fall away, dissolve or evolve into what we want. It will not be a flicking of a switch from old to new, it is a process and it is important to use this creative energy that is in abundance at this time to remain focused on what you want, NOT what you are afraid of or worried about. Miraculous solutions are promised to those who can keep their vibration high, can deal with being overwhelmed knowing that you don’t have to do everything, have all the answers and it is going to lead to greater things in the long run. Now is not the time for looking to see how things are working out, things are still forming and aligning so you won’t get a clear picture anyway, it is a time for faith, trust and belief that the angels and the universe only ever work towards your highest good and even though it might not feel like it, this is what they are doing right now.

The final message for this week is to get out of the way. We all want to improve our lives to varying degrees and we all ask, pray and hope for assistance to make this happen. The trick is not the asking for the things we want, it is the allowing them to happen. So many of us ask for what we want, we wait a few days and then think ‘oh it’s never going to happen’ because it hasn’t appeared on our lap in that time. We ask for greater financial abundance and find a £5 in the pocket of our jeans and think ‘great, that’s not enough’ when in reality you manifested more money. If you stopped looking for the huge payout and appreciated that £5 and allowed the angels to bring next time £10 and so on you would see more results and these would become more frequent. Also, many of us have questions. Hundreds of questions about how and when things are going to happen. I am given the idea of a mail order store. You place your order, the company receives this and starts working on it, but you are calling every 5 minutes for a status update. The person trying to send you your order is continually back and forth from the phone to reassure you it’s coming and so your parcel gets delayed…by you. This is what a lot of us fail to realise. When we look for this reassurance we put a delay on our desire. The angels understand why we want reassurance because we aren’t taught that things can happen just because we want them to, but if you can have faith that your order is being processed and it will arrive the more quickly you allow it to the better. You asked the angels to help you, now give them to time and the space to do just that. Stop getting in your own way. :-)

Love and Light

Helen xxx

This reading was performed using the Blue Deck.

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