Seasonal Specials



Christmas and the festive season are very magical times.  There is much goodwill, excitment and anticipation at this time of year and this aids manifestation and creativity.  It is an important time of year to ensure that you are not only thinking of others and what you want to do for them but is a good reminder that we also need to give to ourselves.  Therefore these offer work equally as well as a gift or as a treat for yourself.
All orders of the Seasonal Specials as a gift come with a little something extra just for you so please indicate on your order that this is being purchased for someone else.  This offer is available until 20th December 2014.



Blessings of Bright Joy


This 2 span bundle is all about finding inner and personal peace, relaxing and letting go of the need to control and be the driving force behind making the life you want happen.  The angels know that life does not need to be a struggle and if we could find it within ourselves to allow this to be our experience we would be able to enjoy and experience instead of worrying and doubting.  Life can be magical if we allow it to be.

Peace on Earth


This 4 span bundle is all about having the life that you desire and you deserve.  The spans can be tailred to suit a different area of your life for each reading and can be used over a period of time to suit you.  The angels want you to utilise this creative energy of this time of year to start putting into place the wishlist of your desires and know that someone is listening wanting to bring them to you.

New Year New Start


This 5 span bundle encompasses the Looking Ahead Span which looks at the guidance for the year ahead and  smaller spans to focuses in on the things that come to light as a result of the Looking Ahead Span.

Looking Ahead Span


This 13 card reading span gives a glimpse into the year ahead and guidance to make this year work for you to your highest advantage.


This reading costs £60 / $94 / €76