Angel Oracle Card Readings

Angel Oracle Card Readings are a fantastic way to gain clarity, insight and understanding in all areas of your life.  A reading can provide you with a new perspective about an old issue, it can make you see the truths of something that were there all along and it can enable you to focus and consolidate your energy towards your goals and not the percieved problems getting in your way.  The angels are always on hand to help us, and all they ever want is for us to have the best experience that we possibly can.  However, a lot of the time we are actually getting in our own way.  The angels know that we don't mean to, and that if we had their level of knowledge, foresight and understanding we would choose to act, react and live our lives in very different (less complicated) ways.  This is what the guidance of a reading is all about, ensuring you gain what you need to know to move forward with the greatest ease and empowering you, putting you in the driving seat of your creative power.
All spans provide a comprehensive message from the Universe about your specific question or a general message which is important for you if you have left the reading open. Obviously, the more detailed spans will give you a much more in-depth reading than the smaller ones. Please note that you will need to choose the specific deck from which your reading will be taken. Your intuition should guide you towards the colour deck you feel best. Your intuition will not see you wrong, the first colour you feel drawn to is the right one for you. Your reading will be emailed to you within 72 hours of purchase in a PDF format, if you require clarification email:  

Internal Compass Span

£4 / $7 / €5

Falling Feather Span

£15 / $25 / €19

Heart Span

£20 / $33 / €25

Life Purpose Span

£32 / $53 / €40

Golden Angel Halo Span

£38 / $63 / €48

Angel Wing Span

£40 / $67 / €50

Dream Deck Oracle Card Readings

Dreams are a wonderful and often confusing way in which the Angels communicate directly to you.  When we sleep we are in a much more receptive state than we are when we are awake. The idea of flying for example seems ridiculous when you are awake but during your sleeping hours you often dream of soaring with the birds.  We are more open, less resistant and therefore more receptive to those messages.  However, most of the time our subconscious and our conscious mind do not relay the messages between each other in a way that we can understand or that makes sense.  
A Dream Deck Oracle Card Reading reiterates the guidance that the angels provide to your subconscious mind to you in your waking state.  This means that you can hear the guidance without the symbolism and the signs and metaphors that your dreams consist of.  These readings can seem to provide guidance that might be confusing at first, remember that your subconscious knows these things but your literal, waking mind has not quite got the message yet.  When you allow this guidance and welcome it, you really can change and improve all areas of your life, even ones that are going very well already.
The Dream Deck Oracle Card Readings do not have the option to ask a question.  This is the ultimate act of letting go of resistance and allowing the guidance that you need.  These are very powerful, very significant readings and can mark the beginnings of big positive changes.
Your reading will be emailed to you within 72 hours of purchase in a PDF format, if you require clarification email:  

Dream Duo Span

£6 / $10 / €8

Dream Star Span

£20 / $33/ €25

Dream Spiral Span

£40 / $67 / €50

All readings are sold in British Pound Sterling and therefore prices in dollars, euros and other currencies are subject to change.  All prices correct at the time of website publication.

"I have had 4 readings from Helen, from the smallest to the largest.  Look no further, she is highly gifted, highly intuitive as well as having a fabulous turn of phrase. The way she manages to convey the Angels' messages is uncanny and very accurate. Keep up the good work, I'll be back soon!"

- Billy, Wexford, Ireland