Love & Relationship Reading Bundle

Love and Relationships are popular topics of reading questions.  We all want to be loved, and we all want to have that relationship that makes us feel like the centre of the Universe, loved and safe and we all want to know how to achieve these things.  Often our relationships are anything but the fairytale that we were told as children and we want to know how to improve this and change things to be the way that we want and deserve them to be.


This bundle looks at the most fundamental issue when it comes to any relationship whether that be family, friends or a romantic partner - the relationship you have with yourself, because people only react and treat you the way they are allowed to, by the way they see (and often feel) you treating yourself.  Loving yourself is vital for any relationship and in all areas of life.  


This reading bundle also looks at potential blocks in a relationship, what might be happening behind the scenes, how to let go of past hurts, disappointments and regrets and to really focus on living and loving in the moment.


These 4 card readings are all tailored to fit the subject of love and relationships to help guide you towards love, appreciation and acceptance.


The bundle comprises of:


Soulmate Span


This span is a special 4 card span looking at love, romance and relationships. Is the person you are interested in or currently dating/married to your soul mate? Is this relationship going to be what you want it to be or is there someone on the horizon waiting for you. This is the span that can tell you and point you in the right direction.


Learning to Love Me Span


No relationship can be what you want it to be until you are prepared to treat, love and appreciate yourself the way that you want other people to treat you.  Self love and appreciation is the quickest and most rewarding way to achieve your goals and your desires.  However, the Angels know that many of us were not taught how to appreciate and love ourselves for who we are and that the concept of learning to love yourself can seem almost impossible.  This 4 card reading looks at guidance to clear those blocks and to really appreciate who you are.


Open Arms Span


This 6 Card Reading is all about being open and receptive to the love that you want.  So often we are all focused on the things that we don't have, the things we want but believe that they are impossible and the things that other people have that we believe that they do not value and deserve. Do you see how this is all blocking you being able to focus on what you do want?  This reading provides guidance and advice to push all of that noise aside and to be in the optimum mental, emotional and spiritual space to finally allow with open arms the things that you want and deserve and to truly stop getting in your own way.  Many of the times we want something we are not ready for it, on the same wavelength for it or even sure what we want.  This reading looks to change all that and get you to where you need to be to have what you want.


Magnetic Attraction Span


This 10 card span focuses on what you are attracting, what you are wanting to attract, what you have attracted in the past and how to move from what used to be your experience to what you want to be your experience. It looks at the areas where you have accepted less than you have deserved and what you can do to ensure that you never sell yourself short again.  Providing guidance to let go of things that no longer serve you and to build on things that you have already put in place, because by purchasing this reading bundle you have already started on the journey to the life that you want and that you truly do deserve. This is a large span and will have a lot of information within it and it works equally well as the first or the last reading to be utilised as part of this bundle.



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