Life Purpose & Divine Path Reading Bundle

The question that many have pondered over the years is 'why are we here' and the answer is simply, to live, love, experience and learn.  We are creative beings and as such we want to experience everything that the universe has to offer and in this lifetime now that you are living, that you have chosen to come to the planet at this time and in that body, that life, you are learning and growing.  Your purpose is to be the best you that you can be and this bundle is very much about learning how to do that, by putting yourself first; something many of us are not taught to do.


This reading bundle is fantastic for gaining some real insight into yourself, your own inner workings and connecting with your higher self.  It is wonderful for anyone that feels that they have a calling greater than what they are currently living and teaches you how to get past the doubt and the fear in your own mind as well as silencing the criticism and the fear of others that may impact you.


These 4 card readings are all tailored to fit the subject of your life purpose and divine path to help you gain peace, acceptance of the self and a real sense of just how powerful you truly are.


The bundle comprises of:


All About Me Span


So often we are so focused on what everyone else is doing that we forget to look at ourselves and even when we do we believe that things in our lives would be different if someone was doing or being something different. This is handing over your creative power and process to someone else and, of course, nothing in your life is going to change. This 4 card span is all about taking responsibility for your own creative process and your own life and highlighting where it is that you really need to be thinking about you instead of other people.  The Angels know that we are taught to put the needs of others often before our own but because we are taught it does not mean it is right.  Time to focus on you and make you the centre of your own attention.  This is recommended as the first reading to be used in this bundle as it is a fantastic foundation.


Which Way to Turn Span


Life is all about choice and choice means having to miss out on one opportunity in order to take another one doesn't it? No, not at all.  This reading is all about understanding your choices and the twists and turns in your path to be able to make the most of opportunities that come your way and to understand what this means in terms of your ultimate goals and ambitions.  This 4 card span is very much about gaining clarity in terms of your choices and knowing when you wait for something better and when you jump in with both feet without second guessing yourself or the process.  This is about you knowing what is best for you.


Life Purpose Span


This 6 Card Reading is very much about building on what you have learned from the All About Me Span. This is about identifying what you actually want, what actually calls to you and makes your soul sing and what you feel you can and cannot be or do.  We are often the biggest block that we have in our own lives and this means that we can clear this block without the need to do much more than look within us and discover the problem. This is fantastic reading for people looking for direction, feeling lost and need a nudge in the right direction or for people that have been learning about themselves for some time because this is about gathering all that knowledge and making it work for your life and for moving forward.  This span is very much about you and your energy and asking you to accept this and utilise this to make your dreams come true.


Leap of Faith Span


This 10 card span focuses on detangling your path and purpose from those that you love and care about and to put yourself back in the driving seat of your life.  So many of us are influenced by what we think others think, feel and believe about us that we stop considering what we think, feel and believe about ourselves in an effort to fit in.  We can lose ourselves and when that happens it becomes impossible to create the lives that we want because we no longer know what we want, we are working on trying to be and provide what other people want.  This span is all about bringing your focus about your life back onto you and it is very much a call to reclaim your own energy, to reaffirm your own desires whether they are what other people understand or approve of or not and to re-assert your own creative power.


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