Internal Compass Span

£4 / $7 / €5

The Internal Compass Span is a one card reading that is straight to the point.  There is no option to ask a question as this reading is really just a chance for the Angels to provide you with the guidance you need right in this moment.  This is a fantastic reading if you are looking for some general guidance, a nudge in the right direction or you are new to Oracle Card Readings.  It makes a wonderful introductory reading to enable you and the Angels to explore the messages and guidance that comes up for you with a larger, more in depth reading.  This is also a great span for a little extra guidance after a larger span, if something stood out or called to you that does not require a great deal of explanation but a little further Angelic input.

"The Internal Compass Span always rings true to my current

thought pattern. Thank you!"

- Emma, UK