Heart Span

£20 / $33 / €25

The Heart Span is the best selling reading I offer.  This is a span perfect for anything that is your hearts desire, for matters of the heart and to get to the heart of anything.  This is a very versatile reading span.  It offers guidance and advice on your current situation, identifies any blocks that might be holding you back and provides assistance on how to move forward.  This 5 card span is also a great span to use in relation to matters of health and physical wellbeing.  It works equally well with a specific question or left open to allow any guidance that you require to make the most progress towards your ultimate goals and desires.  This is a reading span focused on you allowing yourself to have the things that you want and that you deserve.

"All, I highly recommend.  She has been reading for me for

3 years and is always on point! xoxoxox"

- Tara, Florida, USA