General Guidance Reading Bundle

Being open to guidance is a wonderful, rare and rewarding thing. Allowing yourself to recieve the information that you need to make the biggest steps forward in life is the first step towards really having the life that you have always dreamed about because this means you are willing to do what you need to have it.  It means that even though you might be afraid you are focused on the fact that you deserve to have the life that you want and that you know you are worthy of (and in turn it is worthy of you).  Relinquishing the need to control and micro-manage and to simply allow the guidance to come to you is a truly wonderful ability that not many people allow themselves to experience.  You don't need to have all the answers to your questions to have the life you deserve, you simply need to allow yourself to have it.  It really is as simple as that.


The bundle comprises of:


What Do I Need to Know Span


This 4 card span does literally what it says in its name.  It is a call to the angels to allow them to provide you with the guidance that you need at this time.


Contrast Clarity Span


Life does not always go the way that we expect it to.  Sometimes things can happen that seem to take us in the complete opposite direction to where we want to be and where we thought we were heading but this does not necesarily have to be a bad thing at all.  We often resist these things thinking that we have taken a wrong turn and this is not the case at all.  This 4 card span looks to explain what is actually happening, not what we fear or worry is happening and helps you to see the benefits you might not have seen on first glance.


Going With the Flow Span


Much of the guidance that the Angels give for people is to allow things to happen and to not try to control everything and the first question people ask is always 'how do I do that?'  This 6 card reading looks to answer just that, to tell you what you need to do to get out of your own way, to break down those barriers that stand between you and what you want and to see those blessings in disguise.  To get out of your comfort zone and not see that as a bad thing in anyway knowing that when things feel different from the norm that is when real change is happening.


General Angel Wing Span


This 10 card reading allows for a great amount of guidance and direction when left open for general guidance.  It is a fantastic span to really get to the blocks that you are facing and to provide the information and guidance you need to use these to your advantage and to really gain the most from what on the surface appears to be a negative situation.  This span focuses on gaining a different perspective and remembering that nothing that happens in life is insurmountable because the Angels are with you at all times wrapping you in their wings and assisting you to make the biggest strides towards your happiness and your joy.


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