Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Significance of the Deck Colour and Do I Need to Choose a Specific One for the Span?


The colour of deck you choose cannot be wrong. You simply choose whichever you feel most drawn to. Every deck I offer works with every span however, the Dream Spans only use the Dream Deck. The colour you choose tells me about you and what type of person you are. As a rule the Green deck is usually chosen by people who are very interested in nature, the outdoors and a connection with spirit and source energy, often understanding that they are a small part of a much larger, unseen force. Blue is typically chosen by people who are very deep, hide away much of themselves for fear of not being accepted and people who can be quite mysterious and often hard on themselves. Pink choosers are almost always hopeless romantics at heart who want to connect with people on a deeper level, these people feel a call to help others and to often put themselves second when they feel it would be better to pay attention to someone else. Golden deck choices are generally people who have a great spark within them, highly motivated, deeply sensitive and capable of so much more than they often allow themselves to be and have. These people are the ones to watch in our time. The purple deck is usually chosen by people who believe completely in magic and the magic of life, often these people have strong connections to the spiritual world, perhaps pyschic themselves or more tuned in to the guidance of the spirit realms. These people can feel quite different from others because they always seem to be living outside the box. The Indigo deck is best served for people with Indigo traits. To see if you are an Indigo please read my blog post by clicking here. The black deck is generally selected by those people who struggle to get out of their heads, to believe before they can see things. These people are fantastic problem solvers and very logical in their approach, often the ones that people seek out in times of confusion and worry. Don't worry if you do not fit the description of the deck you feel drawn to, let your intuition guide you. These are general descriptions and do not always apply to everyone.


How Do I Know What Span to Choose?


Again allow your intuition to guide you. Whatever span you feel drawn to is best. However, if you are not sure the best way to pick is also based on budget and what you want to know. The smaller readings, Three Card and Heart Span, work best with specific questions and the larger readings are better with a more general question or no question at all.


How Long Does it Take for You to Perform the Readings?


This depends on the spans that have been ordered. Each span is different, like each customer and some people can be quite worried or nervous about the messages that they are going to recieve and that can make them harder to read. Some people are very relaxed and open and their readings flow very quickly. Obviously, the larger readings take more time and the Looking Ahead Span can take almost a full day to read and record. When Will I Get My Reading? I try to get readings to customers as soon as possible and I always say within 72 hours of purchase. This depends upon the number of orders I have recieved as I always work on a first come first served basis. If there is going to be a delay with your reading of longer than 72 hours I will contact you to let you know. On occasion I have been told by the angels that someone is not ready for a reading at that present time and this has been relayed to the customer, although this has happened only a few times in many years.


What Information Do You Need to Perform the Reading?


I simply need to know what deck you would like me to use and if you have a specific area or question that you would like to be guided upon. That really is all the information I need. More information than that can make it hard for me to pick out the messages as I am conscious of the things I already know and this can dilute the message from the angels. I also read energy as well so I can tell what type of person you are, how you have been feeling etc from this without needing you to explain. I find this also helps people who have not had readings before to be more open to the messages as I have no information to tailor the reading to and I can't just tell people what I think they want to hear to fit with their current circumstances.


Does What You Have Told me in the Reading Mean it is Definitely Going to Happen?


You are the driving force of your creative process and your life and this means that you can change or increase anything that I have told you in your reading. There is no such thing as a fixed path because every moment of everyday you are creating your life. Most people create on default and don't realise that they are creating the same thing over and over again. The readings I perform for people are based on the situation, energy and creative process that you are currently in. This allows an outside perspective and guidance to help you move from where you are to where you want to be and to improve or increase things when they are going well. You are the force that decides what happens for you, when and how, the angels simply point you in the right direction. Of course some people ignore the guidance of the angels and that is part of their creative process also but if you are open to the advice and the assistance there is nothing that you cannot do, be or have. Nothing is set in stone.


If I Don't Have a Question Can I Have a Reading?


Yes. Most readings work better without specific questions as this allows all the guidance you need to come to you from a variety of sources and directions. This can often be much more rewarding than having a reading with a specific question.


Do I Have a Guardian Angel?


We are all very lucky in that all the angels watch over us, taking it in turns to assist us in specific ways as each has a specific talent or area where they excel and know best. This means that we have a variety of angels that work on our behalf and help us, that we can call upon any of them at any time and that there is always help at hand. Some people have guardians in the shape of people who have ascended to the spiritual plain however most of us have a whole host of angels working for us.


I Didn't Understand Something in my Reading, Can I Ask Questions?


Yes. However, I do only answer questions which relate to what has been mentioned in the reading. If you have had another question come up as a result of the reading that you have just had please purchase another reading to explore this question. If you have not understood something, the way I have phrased something or you want me to expand on something that I have said in the reading then please just email me. I love hearing from you all.


Can You Read For Someone Else If I Ask you To?


Wanting to know what someone else is doing, going through or thinking is something that we all have to deal with and I am afraid that I do not read for other people without their permission, request or consent. This is a moral issue and one I feel very strongly about. If someone's path is having an impact on yours then this will be mentioned in the reading however great detail will not be given. Readings should be about you and you alone unless I have had permission to read for the person involved.

"Thank you so much for such an inspiring reading. You really got me thinking and gave me the courage to keep on the path I am on to achieve my goals in life. This was the first reading I have ever had and you really did hit every nail on the head. I must admit I have been skeptical of readings in the past but I am so glad you gave me the opportunity to have my skeptical mind blown apart. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!" 

- Brandon, Portsmouth, UK