Falling Feather Span

£15 / $25 / €19

The Falling Feather is a new reading span being offered on the website.  The Span is all about letting go and shedding the things that no longer serve us with ease and with grace.  We can all hold on a little too tightly to things because of the habit of them being part of our lives not because they actually are of any benefit to us anymore.  This span is designed to guide you to the things that you may not even realise are holding you back and preventing you from having the energy and the space to welcome in the new and the exciting.  This is an amazing span if considering any type of life change or if you find yourself feeling stuck and indecisive.  It is also a great reading to gain greater insight into a specific question or area of your life that is your current focus. 

"The readings from Helen have helped me to view things from

a different side and have given me great guidance about where

want to be and how to achieve the things I want in life.

I stillhave a lot to learn but I can always count on Helen

and her readingsto take me to the next level I need to be."

- YD, New York, USA