Dream Star Span

£20 / $33 / €25

This 5 card span is perfect for conveying messages from the Angels to you in relation to the dreams, goals and aspirations that you have.  This is really designed to help you to reach for the stars and to get passed and over those fears that stop you from going for the things that you truly desire.  This reading span is designed to help you gain a greater understanding of what is actually your belief system and what is actually that of others that you have collected along your life journey and to release this, welcoming and allowing your own beliefs and knowledge to come to the forefront.  This is a wonderful span when you have a very busy mind, having trouble sleeping or very vivid dreams.

"You told me that the Angels told you I am doing better 

than I thought. That gave me confidence and today I got a 

clean bill of health and I just wanted to say thank you."

- Jasmijn, Nevada, USA