Dream Spiral Span

£40 / $67 / €50

The 9 card Dream Spiral Span is a very powerful reading.  It focuses on allowing the angels to communicate with you freely and openly and to provide you with guidance for a lot of different areas of your life all at once.  This can be rather overwhelming and much of the guidance may not make sense to you at first, however this reading signals to the Angelic world that you are ready to take your creative process to the next level and that you are open and willing to do what is necessary to allow yourself to have the life you deserve and have been wanting.  It shows them that you are open to this guidance and allows them the opportunity to be able to communicate these messages to you during your waking state also. Buying this reading automatically clears some resistance.

"I just wanted to report to you that everything you

described in thecard reading came true! I cannot thank you


- Linda, New York, USA