Career & Abundance Reading Bundle

Money is something that appears to have an energy all of its own.  It is apparently the marker of success and failure and the one thing that seems to make the world go around.  However, the Angels remember that money is simply paper and metal to which we have attributed value.  Money is not evil, it is not all-powerful and you do not even need lots of it to have a happy life as the best things in life truly are free. 


We live in a society which states that money is important, that we have to have it to be someone important and to function, we all worry about money from time to time and we are all hearing about lack, not enough to go around and that the rich get rich and the poor get poorer.  It seems hopeless, but only if you believe that this is the truth.


This reading bundle focuses on shifting a lot of the negative energy that globally surrounds money, releasing the idea that money makes you anything other than who you are and that it is more difficult to welcome into your life than anything else you wish to attract. It looks at releasing old beliefs about money that were not your ideas in the first instance and simply what you learned growing up and every day since.  This reading bundle is all about increasing the flow of abundance to you.


This reading bundle is also wonderful in questions of work, job changes and career direction because we often have much of the same energy and belief around work and responsibility (what we "should do") as we do about money.


These 4 card readings are all tailored to fit the subject of career and abundance to help guide you towards ease, peace and abundance.


The bundle comprises of:


Loose Change Span


This 4 card span is focused on allowing more money into your life in this very moment.  It looks at what it is that you are doing, thinking and vibrating that is making it hard for you to have the abundance that you want at this time.  It's purpose is to actively focus on what you have already in order to create more and to turn that energy around to welcome more money to you, and to show you ways that you may not have realised you are blocking the flow.


Abundance Flow Span


The flow of abundance is always available to us, whether we choose to allow it and accept it is key.  Those who expect to always have money always do, those who worry about money can have the best jobs in the world but always some how run short at the end of the month.  This 4 card reading looks at where your abundance flow is going and how open you are to changing this flow.  How you can turn the tide of this stream of abundance to flow into your life and your bank account and what you may have to release in order to make that happen.  This reading is about going with the flow and that means releasing your grip on the anchor you have been holding onto for a long time.


Gold Bar Span


This 6 Card Reading is all about releasing any negative beliefs that you have about money and understanding that you are an individual.  We often want to be in a better financial place to be able to help others or because we feel that we "should" be because of what we believe other people expect of us.  This span focuses greatly on shifting that energy away from "should" to "want" which is a much greater and more powerful creative tool.  This span looks directly at you and what you have been doing on auto-pilot and what has been part of you and what you have believed for so long that you might not even realise that this is an issue for you.  This span is designed to start putting you back in control of your financial creative process, understanding that abundance is not an external thing at all but an extension of your own wellbeing and value of your own self.


Hidden Treasure Span


This 10 card span looks at the ways in which you can create more money in your life.  It looks at your strengths and your talents and pinpoints any ways in which you can actively create more money and abundance for you.  This may be a change of career or making more money from something that you already enjoy as a hobby.  This span is all about building your confidence in yourself and the services and skills that you have offer the work place, the world and yourself and that you are valuable.  We often do not believe in our own value and/or charging for our time and our talents but this reading looks at you gaining a greater understanding in just how much you are truly worth and the ways that you can expand and build on this for greater and more exciting allowance of abundance into your life.



£100 / $166 / €126

£100 / $166 / €126