Angel Wing Span

£40 / $67 / €50

The Angel Wing Span is another of my best sellers.  This 10 card reading allows for a great amount of guidance and direction and is equally wonderful left open for general guidance or to really get indepth information and assistance within a specific area of your life.  It is a fantastic span to really get to the blocks that you are facing and to provide the information and guidance you need to use these to your advantage and to really gain the most from what on the surface appears to be a negative situation.  This span focuses on gaining a different perspective and remembering that nothing that happens in life is insurmountable because the Angels are with you at all times wrapping you in their wings and assisting you to make the biggest strides towards your happiness and your joy.

"Thank you so much! This really clarified and echoed what

I have been feeling lately, really helps to put things into

better perspective and 'certainty'. Excellent as always :)"

- Dorothy, USA